Introducing the Regency Literary Society

This is Mr Henry Tilney. He understands muslins.

We, the co-propriotresses of Kindred Thread, cannot lay claim to expert knowledge of early-19th-century textile with the same degree of accuracy as Tilney there – however, we do have at least a working understanding of lawn, batiste, Liberty of London prints, double-faced satin ribbons, and millinery straw.

You see, with the announcement of Caroline Abbott and her 1812 date, we fixated upon a single thought: Jane Austen. Upon learning of Caroline’s location and historical setting, we briefly studied the War of 1812 and Upstate New York to discern an appropriate theme for our new shop section. (Yes, of course we must have a dedicated shop section for 1812 gowns – after the bandwidth-exceeding fun of our French Quarter last summer, how could we not?) And yet, for reasons which must soon come to light, we kept coming back to Austen.


At which point we… ahem.. sorry, what was I saying? Oh yes, Jane Austen. However, I don’t want you to believe us a completely shallow pair of ladies. Believe me when I say, this propensity was motivated not solely by Colin Firth.


Yes. Well, I think I’ve made my point quite nicely.

Therefore, we did the only sensible thing (you see what I did there?) and dubbed our new shop section in honor of Caroline The Regency Literary Society. We hope you will be persuaded to join us Tuesday, September 4th at midnight, provided you are not too prideful (okay, I’ll stop with now). This is the same time (approximately) that Caroline goes live on the AG website, so why not open another browser window? We know you’ll be awake.

Joining us for this special event are two talented Friends of Kindred Thread, AG Seamstress and Threads of Troy. Each style of dress will be named after a different Austen heroine – there is no shortage of delightful feminine names in her books! This past month has been a flurry of excitement, featuring such highlights as Meg’s ongoing love affair with millinery braid, and my not having an apoplectic fit while cutting into $33-a-yard fabric. I doubt even Henry Tilney understands that.

So, to reiterate, the Regency Literary Society launches Tuesday, September 4th at midnight (Eastern), featuring Meg and Joni as well as AG Seamstress and Threads of Troy. Be there, or Severus Snape Colonel Brandon will be much displeased.

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  1. Oh dear, yet another excuse to immerse myself in the world of Jane Austen…. my happy place!

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